We joked at the news meeting last week that this edition would be the Idyllwild Arts issue and we appear to have succeeded in that endeavor.

Jack and I babysat grandkids Saturday night so we sadly missed our friend Marshall Hawkins’ Alumni Jazz Concert in the new William M. Lowman Concert Hall on the Idyllwild Arts campus. We enjoyed our son’s joyous reminiscenses of that evening. And Monday night, we discovered Marshall next door at Ferro who spoke affectionately of the weekend.

Our own Marshall Smith covered the concert and the Sunday fireside chat between Harry Pickens and Marshall Hawkins on pages 10 and 11 of this issue.

Page 12 covers Idyll-wild Arts Foundation President Pamela Jordan’s upcoming talk in town about how artists learn.

Page 13 profiles an IA student’s competition in the annual Music Center Spotlight Awards.

It doesn’t stop there. Page 14 features prolific author Matthew Salesses’ upcoming talk in the Fireside Room on campus.

And a story about the Theatre Department’s upcoming play, “Hotel Cassiopeia,” awaits your reading on page 19.

We laughed that so many stories would focus on the campus this week yet much is happening there that deserves reporting.

Idyllwild is built around that school, and so much of our local entertainment comes from attending campus events. And most are free.

IA is reaching out to the community more, too,  in Pamela’s talk at Silver Pines Lodge next week, for example, and in the Theatre Department’s one-hour preview of “Hotel Cassiopeia” at 2 p.m. at the Idyllwild Library this Thursday. A lot is happening just before IA spring break.

Becky Clark, Editor