Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” Bernard was disappointed with Santa’s performance.

Tex: Hello! Anyone here?
Mr. Gray: I am, but Bernard and New Sadie are not. They found their forever families!
Tex: Wow! So Santa did grant their wishes.
Mr. Gray: Maybe Santa is just a bit behind, and we will find our families very soon.
Sadie: Well, it will be less confusing now with only one Sadie.
Mr. Gray: Maybe humans will adopt us when they realize we can help with their new year resolutions.
Pepper: What a great idea!
Tex: Think about it. Anyone who adopts me will most likely get more exercise and lose weight! I would take him on walks and hikes, and I love playing ball. Resolution achieved!
Sadie: And I heard ARF humans talking about how researchers theorize that petting a cat can lower stress or that the type of people who own cats are more stress-free naturally. More good health! And we know that is a common resolution.
Pepper: Humans who want to quit smoking might be more encouraged to provide clean, healthy air for their pets. I know I don’t want to breathe in secondhand smoke!
Sadie: Maybe human parents need to know that a seven-year study of almost 500 children found that children who were exposed to dogs and cats as babies were half as likely to have allergies and risk factors for asthma as they grew up than those who had no pets. Who wouldn’t make a new year’s resolution to have healthier children?
Tex: I have one more. People resolve to be less judgmental, like not assuming a dog who wants to be in a home with no other pets is less loving and loyal than any other.
Mr. Gray: Tex, we know you are so loving and loyal, and we hope an understanding human comes along very soon.
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