First, just a short question for Mr. Smith: Just where are you getting the information that Cal Fire already has a county contract in place to replace IFPD if their district is desolved? He complains of the price of IFPD, although at this time, every city in Riverside County faces the same problems and most have rejected Cal Fire to give up local control to a giant  government bureaucracy.

“Cal Fire and AMR crews are lovable, too”? My 17-year-old son suffered from severe abdominal pain two weeks ago.  911 was called. The Cal Fire crew was competent and professional. However, after AMR transported him to San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, the crew found crowded conditions so they removed him from their equipment and told him to walk (barefoot) through the ER to the ER waiting room to sign in with the triage nurse. They neither assisted him, got him socks or a wheelchair; just packed their equipment and left him.

He (and his mother) were forced to sit in chairs in severe pain for almost three hours due to crowding. I have been transported by IFPD crews six times in the last 25 years who have never left until I was safely on a hospital gurney in nurses’ care.

We really made a great leap forward changing to AMR?  They are lovable, too? Mr. Smith’s constant complaints against IFPD, IWD and now his venom-laced agi-prop toward ICC.

Agi-prop was used during WWII and defined as one-third truth, one-third mixed truth and lies, and one-third pure lies. If you repeat it enough, people will begin to believe it.

Don’t believe everything you read in the paper or online. For years, Idyllwild folk have been begging for another public swimming facility, and check out the volume of people at the summer concerts in our park. Also consider that the senior center on Franklin Drive was closed and given to the county for an office facility.

Children, teens and adults of all ages have a chance to enjoy these facilities Mr. Smith tries to undermine with agi-prop. Generous benefactors and countless hours of fundraising by local Idyllwild folk and free labor have been given to build our beautiful park. Maybe you should be the one to “wake up,” Mr. Smith, and get a life (in beautiful Pine Cove where there are no problems).

Bob Dunn, Idyllwild