photo by Jenny Kirchner
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office received a call at about 10:45 a.m. Sunday from some hikers who saw a body along Highway 74. Shortly after, the California Highway Patrol also was called.

The body of a female was found, and her decomposition had proceeded such that her race was not identifiable from observation.

The Department’s Media Bureau said, “Our department is investigating this death, and at this time it is unclear how the person died.”

As of Monday afternoon, the victim had not been positively identified.

This is an active and ongoing investigation, according to the Sheriff’s Department. Anyone with possible information should call Investigator Joshua Button at 760-393-3531.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene and located the body near Strawberry Creek and mile marker 54. After arriving, the deputies wrapped the turnout, where a blue four-door sedan was parked, with yellow tape. It was unclear what the vehicle’s relationship was to the crime scene.