In a statewide move, Caltrans announced Tuesday, April 5. it would provide road condition, repair and potential closure information on state roads to Waze, the user-fed real-time traffic app.

According to the Mountain View, California-based company, Waze has more than 1.7 million active users per month in the Los Angeles metro area contributing more than 2.5 million alerts per month in real time, regarding such as potholes and crashes. Drivers, or their passengers, feed information to the Waze app as they observe traffic hazards,  construction, collisions and other incidents likely to affect driving times and routes. In metropolitan San Francisco, 678,000 monthly users contribute nearly 970,000 alerts per month.

“Waze is only as strong as the information it receives from its users,” said Paige Fitzgerald, Connected Citizens program manager at Waze. “The immense data Caltrans can contribute to the Waze app makes them a valued partner moving forward.”

Under this agreement, Waze will share with Caltrans the free, anonymous traffic and incident report data from Waze users. The data will provide real-time travel information on California’s roadways provided by Caltrans’ Quick Map. Waze, in turn, will receive Caltrans’ road condition reporting data to share with its users.

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