The demolition of the Idyllwild Inn is shown in this Feb. 21, 1976, photo. File photo, Norman P. Roe
The demolition of the Idyllwild Inn is shown in this Feb. 21, 1976, photo.
File photo, Norman P. Roe

65 years ago - 1951

Opening of trout season was marred by severe weather and tragedy. Ten camping parties had to be rescued from Dark Canyon Campground and a boy froze to death when he attempted to hike out seeking help for his father who had suffered a heart attack.

60 years ago - 1956

In a story entitled “Pine Cove Humming,” the Town Crier reported that Pine Cove had been added to the U.S. Postal Service Star Route, the Pine Cove Country Store was having its grand opening, and a Richfield gas and service station was almost ready to open.

55 years ago - 1961

The Idyllwild Inn dining room offered a complete dinner for $2.60 and lunch for $1.25.

50 years ago - 1966

About 750 schoolchildren attending the seven-week outdoor school at Camp Roosevelt (now the site of Camp Ronald McDonald) in Garner Valley planted 2,500 pine seedlings around the camp.

45 years ago - 1971

Riverside County Boy Scouts, participating in the Save Our American Resources project, headed by Idyllwild’s Dr. Norman Mellor, added  almost two miles of firebreak to the national forest along Red Hill truck road.

40 years ago - 1976

The 5th-annual  Idyll-wild Bluegrass Invitational, a two-day event, drew thousands of people to Idyllwild County Park.

35 years ago - 1981

Nearly 100 people were on hand for the ground-breaking ceremonies at the building site of the Idyllwild Bible Church on Pine Crest Avenue. Until the 4,700-square-foot facility was built, worshippers would continue meeting at Town Hall.

30 years ago - 1986

The secret recipe for the Idyllwild Rotary Club’s Memorial Day Apfel Pfannkuchen Pancake Breakfast was taken out of its secret hiding place so that Rotary cooks could review the ingredients.

25 years ago - 1991

Idyllwild School physical education teacher Holly Guntermann was organizing the 10th-annual Idyllwild 5K and 10K Race for June 4.

20 years ago - 1996

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors amended the county gun ordinance to prohibit target practice in Garner Valley.

15 years ago - 2001

The U.S. Forest Service offered some relief for those seeking public restroom facilities in Idyllwild when it was announced that public restrooms would be built in the Forest Service Station on Pine Crest Avenue.

10 years ago - 2006

Idyllwild Arts celebrated its new addition with the dedication of Nelson Hall, which would serve as a dining hall and meeting facility.

5 years ago - 2011

For the first time in many years, the Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce had a full board of 11 directors.

1 year ago - 2015

Pine Cove Water District moved its water conservation from stage 1 to 2, moving from voluntary conservation to mandatory due to extreme drought conditions.

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