First, the kudo: Your IFPD editorial last week was not only excellent, it was well needed. It was a service to the community.

Finger wag? Well, maybe not so much as a request. Many of us have learned to correlate the Earth Fair with the household hazardous waste collection put on by the county. They timed it like that on purpose for some years.

Because I work out of town, I never saw the notice on the door of the pharmacy (nor did many of my acquaintances).

I bought the Town Crier for several weeks without fail, specifically looking for notice of either of these events.

I like the Earth Fair and I always try to dispose of household HAZMAT appropriately.

But neither was the non-occurrence of the Earth Fair or the collection noted in any of those prior weeks.

By the time I found out that the Earth Fair hadn’t enough volunteer effort to pull it off this year, the collection was past.

I understand there will be another collection in September. I imagine that would qualify as “news” (or at least worthy of mention as a community service).

R. Bruce Denney


Editor’s note: Point well made, Mr. Denney. We appreciate the input and will try to do a better job of reporting these items in the future.