I appreciate you publishing my letter about Lefty Lou’s death. I need to clarify myself with another letter in response to ARF.

I never meant to discredit them on their work. On the contrary, I have to say that they always help with the dogs I rescue on my own just out of compassion and humanity. They are amazing.

The purpose of my desperate need to inform people, my people from Idyllwild, of this so painful experience was to prevent it from happening again. I didn’t want to name the lovely lady who took care of Lefty Lou, because she didn’t know better, and it was her son who killed my dog. She said she would call the police to arrest him, but I don’t know if it was to comfort me. I never asked again. I left it in God’s hands. I do know that she left Idyllwild, and her house is on the market for sale.

I apologize to ARF for the misunderstand. Maybe when I wrote it I was too much in pain, under duress. Besides, my English is not as good as my Castilian.

AnaLia Lenchantin