During the directors’ comments portion of the Idyllwild Water District’s board meeting last week, Director Steven Kunkle began to discuss the difficultly he has encountered trying to get information about the district’s wells.

Director John Cook, who was acting as president during the meeting, replied that it was unfair to ask a question of staff and expect a response by the next Monday.

However, Kunkle’s initial request for a list of the district’s wells - and for those that are operational and those not, including their output - was made on May 5, nearly six weeks prior to the June 15 session.

Well output is used to calculate monthly production, but was not available to a director.

Although Foster Lake remains empty, water supply comes from wells. IWD can divert water into Foster Lake from Strawberry Creek but has not made a diversion for several years. However, Fern Valley Water District has found the creek’s flow sufficient to divert water for its use. In May, wells supplied only 10 percent of the FVWD production.

In response to Kunkle’s request, Lynch replied that “… we are short on staff, so this special request for detailed information will take some time to put together.”