The difference of opinions in each letter is symptomatic of the social/political split dividing the United States today.

The definition of tolerance is: “the disposition to be patient and fair toward those whose opinions or practices differ from one’s own.”

Ms. Stearns only questioned the motivation for being tattooed. She was neither impatient nor unfair. She was not intolerant. Ms. Finch’s solution was to look away or stay at home.

Restaurant owners can post signs saying: “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” Is that intolerant?

Many Idyllwild restaurants have a policy of long sleeves to cover staff’s tattoos. I personally use Ms. Finch’s solution for restaurants that offend my sensibilities. I avoid them. Case in point at two local restaurants: parents with uncontrolled children “lacking respect and discipline,” (creating a disturbance with parental disregard). When I left the establishment without placing an order, the owner came up to me and asked what the problem was. I told him: “Too many misguided missiles,” (children) and have not and will not return to either establishment.

William R. Farout, Idyllwild