The crises of local governance in Idyllwild go much deeper than political divisions, ideology or money. Not only are mountain residents deeply divided on what to do about water, ambulance transport service and fire protection, our local boards notoriously fail to execute settled policies and law effectively.

Whether it be misplaced ordinances and policies, employment of notorious and ineffective counsel or mismanagement of day-to-day operations and resources, these boards hurt Idyllwild residents and businesses daily.

Morally deficient details are found within public grand jury investigations, adjudications, judges’ rulings, hundreds of thousands of dollars lost/spent on employee/district misconduct, employee/former  employee observations and  homeowner perspective.

Enough is enough.

Ten Idyllwild proponents should sponsor a recall. Recall forms are found at www.sos.ca.gov/elections/recalls/procedure-recalling-state-and-local-officials/.

Registered voter lists can be acquired at www.voteinfo.net/docs/2014%20Application%20to%20Purchase-View.pdf.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove