I believe using its counsel at Ellison Schneider and Harris, IWD failed to demonstrate ownership by perfection of its claimed 100-year-old pre-1914 water right to Strawberry Creek and by permit to their 60-year-old Foster Lake impound of Strawberry Creek based upon my knowledge of investigations and statements by the State Water Resources Control Board and John Cook. I believe it hides behind a failed and continuing bluff.

This is why I believe they want to re-purpose Foster Lake as a treated wastewater impound and injection site. IWD just purchased property in Dutch Flats explicitly stated for this purpose. The only problem is that Pine Cove has at least four high-quality, high-production granite aquifer wells hydraulically down gradient near and below Foster Lake, not to mention lake and creek swimming a short distance away downstream. Nutrient loads, and deadly biologic contaminants,  including the polio virus, make this a deal breaker, regardless how low the state allows the presence of these dangerous contaminants short of zero. 

Here’s why: They don’t exist now so why introduce these highly toxic contaminants ever?

As Pine Cove property owners, we didn’t buy our homes knowing this and we aren’t afforded the right to vote within the IWD opposing this matter.

  Keep Idyllwild’s treated sewage wastewater out of Dutch Flats’ and Pine Cove’s drinking water.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove