The Rotary Club works so hard putting together a great Independence Day Parade and now a Family Freedom Festival afterward. Chuck Weisbart (and Bob Parish in the past) and volunteers (Mountain Community Patrol, too)  deserve huge kudos and hugs for how they pull together our community every year in this fun celebration.

They took much blame, however, this year for charging a $25 entry fee and for not bringing back the bagpipes. Why should people have to pay for being in the parade?

If you ask me … (Well, you didn’t, but that hasn’t ever stopped me from telling you, has it?) … two sawbucks and a fin won’t bankrupt me and I’m certain the Rotary will use it to benefit the community.

As to the bagpipers, we knew it would be an issue for them because Gary Parton was not here this year to host a fund-raiser the night before on his property. They number many and need their expenses defrayed.

The rumor that they arrived ready to go but were turned down is just that — a rumor. Mike Terry, the leader, enjoyed the parade in civilian clothes. JP talked with him and said Mike made no indication they were turned away.

We need the bagpipers in our parade. Thus, all ye with Scottish blood flowin’ through ye, take heed: An ath bhliadhna a ‘Bhaile Crier Bidh $ 500 a thoirt seachad a thaobh cosgaisean aca agus a’ gabhail ri tabhartasan bhon choimhearsnachd mar sin faodaidh iad a ‘dèanamh dibhearsain le dhuinn aca làidir na h-Alba ceòl.

What say ye, lass? I say, next year, the Town Crier will donate $500 toward the bagpipers costs and accept donations from the community so they may entertain us with their robust Scottish tunes. Soraidh!

Becky Clark,

Clan McDougald