I have the right to say how I feel and so do you. I appreciate your response.

I wrote about observations, not judgments. Thank God we live in America and can enjoy our freedom of speech.

When I came to America in 1956, it was a different America than we live in now. You don’t know what it means to have lived under dictatorship, communism and socialism. I do and we don’t want this in America.

I was a language teacher in Germany and love children very much. I was not referring to good children; I meant the ones teachers have trouble with.

Yes, Mrs. Finch, I don’t like to listen to phone conversations next to me when I eat breakfast.

Your last paragraph is offensive. People who know me and my good citizenship would tell you so. I give, not take.

You and I communicated. That’s how it should be.

Gisela Stearns