A certain part of downtown Idyllwild I like to call the Bermuda Diangle. That’s where information that should be in the public eye mysteriously isn’t.

Between the Idyllwild Water and Fire districts buildings, an ocean of secrecy exists so vast it could swallow both ships and planes.

Recently, Jack, JP and I held our own special meeting just to look over all the issues trying to come to light at IWD.

I liken it to when, just as you stretch to get at the corner of that important piece of paper just out of reach behind the sofa, another corner of another important piece of paper comes into view and another and another.

The issues just keep coming and revealing themselves at every meeting just by a director’s comment, usually to shut down a member of the public’s questioning.

Here’s an example: At the July regular meeting, in response to an ongoing question of why GM Tom Lynch still doesn’t have his California State Water Treatment  Grade II Operator Certificate, which he was required to obtain within the first six months of his hiring, the GM responded, “It’s pending.”

No director at that meeting commented on it. When asked again at last week’s meeting, Vice President John Cook said Lynch’s progress is satisfactory.

When did the board decide it was satisfactory and why, after nearly two years past the deadline, has there been no review in public about this?

With the exception of July’s meeting, JP attended every IWD meeting for the past few years and never fell asleep. He never hears a peep except when a member of the public brings it up. Why would you hide the status of this from a public who wants to know? Another mystery.

Becky Clark, Editor