Apparently, the right to cast a vote for or against the proposed increase in Idyllwild Fire fees will not be available to owners of properties who are “non-residents.”  That would include us.

Our voting precinct is in Orange County.

It is not that the proposed increase is beyond our means. The issue is “taxation without representation.”

We are already stuck with the state-imposed fire fee, even though it is a “tax,” hidden under the guise and name of a “fee.”

Our Legislature handed us this “tax” guised as a “fee,” but without the required two-thirds vote of the body. Granted, there is a lawsuit pending to overturn this tax or fee, but who knows when it will be resolved by the courts?

This situation calls for a special election.

Ron and Kathy Beaufort

Fern Valley/Idyllwild/

Laguna Niguel