IWD’s failed myopic vision


I have analyzed many years of production and contamination data for most public and private wells on this mountain, including surface water diversions.

100 years ago, diversions — aside from heavy contamination — made sense during wet years, but that’s it. Just remember, there’s little or no water to divert, pump, clean, store, monitor, distribute and regulate during dry years.

Now that same water must be heavily treated and monitored, potentially exceeding the cost of producing the same water through clean and efficient wells.

As a formally trained applied mathematician in multivariate analyses/statistics and having extensive prior  technical field experience within a landowner district serving customers over 300 square miles, I know most of our well water is among the cleanest in the state.

It’s clear to me and many others that well water production on this mountain is the only way to go. Idyllwild Water District must not ignore well maintenance over other agendas to keep their customers safe.

So, why on earth would IWD neglect well maintenance, production, and development in favor of capital-land purchases to enable dumping treated wastewater above Pine Cove Water District wells? Myopic vision has placed PCWD customers in harm’s way.

Lynch, Billman, and Freitas’ unplanned resignations are telling. Cook now holds the IWD board hostage by refusing to hold regular session meetings to discuss appointments and or elections. He holds the agenda hostage and could quorum bust meetings.

Meanwhile the district needs a new board, manager and properly licensed/

experienced water treatment, production and distribution technicians.

At worst, Cook has 60 days to delay, at which time the district loses all control and the Board of Supervisors takes over. Sadly, it’s not the first time.

John Cook, you lost your mandate, you apparently have not met the expectations of the electorate and have embarrassed the office. Resign now.

Jeff Smith, Pine Cove