Born November 1, 1946.  Now, Celebrating 70 years ...

The Town Crier grows up and out!

The Idyllwild Town Crier has had several prices and sizes over the years, and now —

         —We’ll be FREE ON THE HILL — free to P.O. boxes, free to Hill shops, and        

         —We’re going to the familiar BROADSHEET size used by most other papers.

All beginning with our Jan. 5 issue!

Why the changes?

         —Better for our readers: No more cost to Hill readers, fewer pages to turn, more to read on each page. And you can wrap bigger fish in it.

         —Better for our advertisers: DOUBLE THE CIRCULATION means double the ad readership. BROADSHEET means better printer options: Sharper, cleaner ads, brighter colors. And readers stay on your ad page longer.

         The same news coverage. The same local agency coverage. The same features, events, puzzles and games. The same Town Crier you rely on, but in a more workable news format. We’ll still bring you “Almost all the News — Part of the Time.” And we’ll still be “Online All the Time at”

         Readers: When your current subscription runs out, you’ll keep getting your Town Crier for free. Doubled readership means more advertisers, which means your paper will continue to be here to bring you local news and coverage of local agencies — to keep you informed. Please keep on supporting our regular advertisers!

         Businesses: When you regularly advertise in your Town Crier, you contribute to your community. Your regular advertising pays our bills so the Town Crier can continue to bring local news and coverage of local agencies to our readers. Remember, our readers keep their Town Crier handy on their coffee table for a whole week — with your ad in it. It’s like advertising seven straight days in a daily newspaper.

         Your local newspaper must have Your regular advertising to survive. So,


         Take advantage of our doubled, free circulation and do your part to keep us a well-informed community.


Becky Clark, Co-Publisher/Editor

Jack Clark, Co-Publisher/General Counsel