According to a CHP report, early Saturday evening, "a pedestrian" was hit while walking on N. Circle. Dr.

Photo by Jenny Kirchner
Photo by Jenny Kirchner

Cindi Hinds is put onto a gurney. Idyllwild Fire transported her to Keenwild U.S. Forest Service Station helipad to be air lifted to Desert Regional Medical Center with unknown injuries.

According to CHP's Incident Report, about 5 p.m. a traffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrian was reported. Idyllwild Fire responded to North Circle Dr. and River Dr. According to witnesses, Hinds was struck by Ed Hansen who was driving his Honda CRV east on North Circle Dr. Hansen said he didn't see Hinds as he rounded the corner while she was walking on North Circle. Both Hinds and Hansen are Idyllwild residents. Hansen was treated at the scene.

EDIT Nov. 29: Despite the fact that the CHP report indicates that Hinds was on North Circle Drive, other indications are that she was on private property when she was hit. Hind's exact location at the time of the injury seems uncertain.