Here’s urging Supv. Chuck Washington to bring two names before his fellow supervisors soon — two appointees to fill the vacancies on the Idyllwild Water District board.

This agency has much business to conduct but current leadership places it in a stalemate. With a five-member board, there’s no way one man can block the others’ affirmative votes.

The acting president has come up with this outrageous rule that all three must be unanimous in their votes. If not, votes don’t pass. And he’s enforcing it by steamrolling right into the next agenda item.

It’s like he’s saying to the two other directors, “I know they voted for you, but they shouldn’t have, so go away. I’m making the decisions here.”

Requiring unanimous board decisions is not uncommon in a corporation, especially when involving decisions to invest in other company securities.

But IWD is not a corporation. It is a public agency and as a public agency, it should possess a set of bylaws to follow that refer to Robert’s Rules of Order.

So, what do the bylaws say? Well, that’s the quandry. We placed a Public Records Act request for those some months back but were told there are no bylaws. That seems hard to believe for as long as it’s been around.

This is an ineffective board, limping along until two new directors are placed. And when they are, they need to come up to speed about IWD before they can get down to work.

The first order of business should be electing new officers, as that is traditionally done anyway in December, and doing away with this silliness.

This is why we need our supervisors to waste no time in appointing directors to this board.

Becky Clark, Editor