John Cook. Photo by J.P. Crumrine

John Cook has resigned from the Idyllwild Water District Board of Directors effective Tuesday, Dec. 13. His term would have expired in December 2017 and he would have had to stand for re-election in August.

His resignation letter accompanies this story.



December 12, 2017 [sic]

The Honorable Directors of the Idyllwild Water District

25945 Highway 243

ldyllwild, CA 92549


My dear colleagues,


For some time I have been looking for an opportune time to resign and lay down the obligations of the many business meetings. The last 18 months has been tumultuous to say the least. I am really excited about the incredible and talented person the Board has unanimously selected as its General Manager. He will bring the needed knowledgeable, experienced professional leadership our community greatly need & He will need time to become familiar of our systems and community. I hope you and the community give him the necessary start up time.

After about 46 years in various public service positions, I am again looking forward to retirement in the beautiful home we call Idyllwild. The freedom from the many many meetings will bring peace and serenity to me and my family and friends.

The four new novice directors have the opportunity to advance the professional management of the District providing they can resist the temptation to micromanage and can act independently of special interests. In the midst of a severe 5 year drought, is it really necessary to spend much time energy and money exploring for water so 473 vacant parcels can be served with water meters? Isn’t the Board’s primary obligation to provide safe reliable water production for those who now live here? I also hope that the “Pine Coulters” move on back to Pine Cove and let Idyllwild choose its own destiny. (This does not include the polite ladies from the Pine Cove Property Owners Ass’n.) The Town Crier has been particularly acerbic in writing filtered and adulterated reports. In fact we have been complimented by the Fire District for taking the heat off of them. I hope the Town Crier will give the new management and directors a fair shake for a change and time to learn the ropes. Hopefully, the paper’s new planned format will lead to less negativity and more accurate columns that advance the common good for all Hill residents. This town is too small to be mean spirited. In fact it was necessary to have a deputy sheriff present to keep a measure decorum. Oh, did the Town Crier fail to mention a seated director held out to the deputy an apple and a large butcher knife! We need to advance kindness, civility and mutual respect.

I hereby resign effective December 13, 2017 [sic].






John Cook

President, Idyllwild Water District