The Local Review Board of the Idyllwild Historic Preservation District met briefly Thursday, April 26.

The board is still working on possible revisions to its flowchart for a permit for historic district alterations. But it took no action at this meeting.

“We should discuss this, and I will have an update for the next meeting,” said Yun Baird, planner with Riverside County Regional Park and Open Space District.

The board briefly noted that some work had occurred at the Village Market. Baird said there was some paperwork at her office for the owners.

“If there is significant changes to the exterior, let us know,” said board President Warren Monroe. “And please share the guidelines with them.”

In other business, Baird introduced two new county employees who will be involved with any historic district alterations.

Evan Gattis is the new bureau chief for planning and development, and Tony Pierucci is the curator of history.