The Idyllwild Water District has lost another director. On Thursday, Dec. 22, June Rockwell, after one year on the Board, submitted her resignation.

In August 2015, she was elected to a four-year term, which started last December.

Former Idyllwild Water District Director June Rockwell at her first board meeting

She offered no specific reason for resigning, but did say, “Due to circumstances beyond my control, I regrettably must resign my position at IWD due to personal reasons …” Her resignation was effective Dec. 22.

In her letter she wrote, “I truly appreciated the opportunity to service the community on the IWD Board. I have enjoyed my tenure with the IWD Board.”

The Board is already seeking interested constituents to replace former Director John Cook, who resigned a week ago.

A resume and letter should be submitted to the IWD office by Friday, Dec. 30.


  1. June appreciated working for the community, voted no on everything.
    A complete waste of time and started what they have now.
    Michael Freitas
    Both her and Steve to get elected say they shouldn’t take any money till the last meeting then they were just gonna take the $50 instead of hundred dollars. What a joke