Magician Dean Apple stars in a fundraiser for the Associates of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation. Net proceeds from the event fund scholarships for Idyllwild Arts students, the primary mission of the Associates.
Photo courtesy Dean Apple
With a mission to raise scholarship money for Idyllwild Arts, the Associates of Idyllwild Arts Foundation are banking that magic will fill the coffers.

Celebrated magician Dean Apple will perform at a fundraiser at the IAF Theatre on the IA campus on Saturday, Jan. 28. Touted for his approach that makes the audience stars of the show, using comedy to interact with the individual personalities of the volunteers, Apple has been featured in numerous commercials, television and film productions, including the hit shows “Turning Point,” “Criminal Minds,” “Runway TV” and “CBS News.”

Dean said he moves through his life living a quote from Pablo Picasso — “Everything you can imagine is real.”

All net proceeds from the event fund the IA Scholarship Fund. More than 60 percent of all IA students, including townies, receive some form of scholarship aid, one of the highest rates for private schools. By comparison, Choate in Connecticut awards scholarship aid to 32 percent of its student body, more in line with national averages.

Tickets for the event are $20 for adults and $5 for students of either IA or Idyllwild School. Visit for ticket information.

One can also help fill IAA scholarship coffers by becoming an event sponsor: for $500, at the Abracadabra Level, one gets eight reserved seats in the front of the house, recognition in the program and from the stage, and a personal introduction to Apple; for $250 at the Hocus Pocus Level, six front-of-the-house tickets plus recognition; $100 at the Voila Level yields two front-of-the-house tickets and recognition; and $50 at Presto level gets program recognition.