The Art Alliance of Idyllwild held a special meeting on Saturday at the Idyllwild Library for the purpose of altering the bylaws to allow more effective yearly transition of leadership. Leading the meeting was Zack Steinhaus, AAI president (front, facing the members).
Photo by Tom Kluzak

The newly elected board of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild met on Saturday, Jan. 28, to revise the organization’s bylaws.

Outgoing President Shanna Rob said bylaws needed revision since this was the first leadership transition since they were initially drafted. “This was the first election in which the members had a voice in electing their leadership,” said Robb. In the new leadership, Robb remains as treasurer. Zach Steinhaus is the new AAI president, Judy Hoyt is secretary, Jacque Swerdfeger is membership co-chair, Martha Lumia also is membership co-chair, Rob Padilla is the Gallery and “Hot Spot” co-chair and Peter Szabadi is an officer and director without portfolio.

Fifteen AAI members attended and voted for the new bylaws. Old bylaws required three to nine directors, including president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The vote was unanimous to change to a minimum of three directors to include president, secretary and treasurer, the minimum required by the state.

Old bylaws required starting the election of a new board by Sept. 15, with the appointment of a nominating committee and an announcement of nominations by Oct. 1, with a close by Oct. 15. Final candidates were to be announced and voted by Nov. 1, with announcement of new directors and officers by Dec 1. Unanimously adopted was the recommended change moving all dates one month earlier, thus allowing new directors to be announced by Nov. 1. Announcement of officers will happen in January once new directors are seated.

Old bylaws stated that the annual general membership meeting was to be held in February of each calendar year and should include “reading of report of outgoing officers and committees on actions and activities of the past year.” Again, unanimously adopted is this change: that the annual membership meeting will take place by March 15 each calendar year, thereby allowing another month for new the board to review financial reports.

Previously, the outgoing board was required to be at the February membership meeting for “reading of reports of outgoing officers and committees on actions and activities of the past year.” The newly adopted bylaw revision does not mandate the previous year board be available at the March membership meeting to read reports. “More flexibility is necessary,” read the recommendation for the change.

Robb was tasked with updating the bylaws, getting the secretary’s signature and posting the revised bylaws on the AAI website.