Roland Gaebert, president of the Idyllwild Rotary Club, delivered 300 pairs of shoes to the Idyllwild HELP Center on May 16. The shoes had been donated to Rotary Past District Governor Chehab Elawar from Skechers. Gaebert picked up Idyllwild’s allotment and delivered them to the center. Gratefully accepting the shoes on behalf of the HELP Center are (from left) Colleen Meyer, executive director; Conor O’Farrell, vice president of the HELP Center board; Gaebert; and Skye Zambrana, client services administrator. Photo by Tom Kluzak

The Idyllwild Rotary Club has again made a significant contribution to the Idyllwild HELP Center.

On Tuesday, May 16, President Roland Gaebert and Past President Chuck Weisbart delivered 300 pairs of Bob’s Clogs to the HELP Center.

“It is a fun opportunity and great potential,” said HELP Center Executive Director Colleen Meyer. “I know it will impact a lot of people. The things [the Rotary] does for us is amazing.”

All 300 pairs are new. Meyer says they are available for purchase in the center’s Thrift Shop and also many will be shared with the center’s clientele.

Behind the unusual and generous donation was Chehab Elawar, the former president of the Rotary’s district, according to Weisbart.

“He is committed to causes,” Weisbart said, describing Elawar. “He comes across manufacturers and is prepared to use whatever they can offer. He’s the ultimate humanitarian.”

In this case, Elawar received 27,000 pairs of Bob’s Clogs from Skechers. He has a warehouse where he stores these supplies as they are shared among the 63 Rotary clubs of District 5330, which includes Idyllwild.

Some have already been taken to orphanages in Mexicali, Weisbart said.

“We can’t do too much for the HELP Center,” Weisbart stressed.

“This was really cool,” Meyer admitted. “It was definitely a surprise.”