After we posed the question: “When was the last time bears were seen in residential aresa on the Hill” on last week’s front cover, a bear visited the Hill. There were several reported sitings, including the Tiso residence in Mountain Center last week. On Friday, he or she visited some Fern Valley residents and ambled up to Humber Park.
Photo by Benjamin Tiso

This past week, a bear was seen in Garner Valley. The visitor spent time at the Tiso residence.

"… hung out on our lawn at least three times over about four days. It ate our chickens, chewed our dogs bones and played with the dinosaur toys," Alan Tiso wrote to the Town Crier.

On Friday, Tracy Philippi observed it sauntering up Humber Park.

The Bear ambling through Humber Park. Photo by Tracy Philippi

Since then, no other sightings have been noted.


  1. I’ve lived up in Idyllwild for thirty years and I’ve seen a bear down by Cranston station and one where Strawberry creek crosses Hwy 74. A coupe of years ago I saw a Sow and two small/ medium sized cubs up by Black mountain road off 243. When I stopped and told the folks at the forestry service office they said I was out of my head as there are no/zero bears up here. Maybe they ought to rethink their ignorance.

  2. I was in idlewild in 2015 and stayed at strawberry hill cabins and on the hiking path down behind the the area i found what I toy with my girl to be idlebeast track, but it turns out they must have been bear tracks, I actually took pictures that I still have, if anyone is interested I can email picture,