Pete Coy replaces Pat Boss


Pat Boss (left) and Pete Coy, former and present Fire Safe Council project managers.
Photo courtesy Edwina Scott

Pete Coy, longtime U.S. Forest Service supervisory forestry technician and Hotshot Crew superintendent replaced Pat Boss as project manager of the nonprofit Mountain Communities Fire Safe Council.

Coy recently retired from the Forest Service and takes charge of MCFSC’s primary responsibility of educating the local public about fire-abatement practices that can save their homes in the event of a wildland fire.

Boss, who has lived in Idyllwild since age 2, has served as MCFSC project manager for more than 10 years. Boss commented that his tenure has given him enormous satisfaction in providing opportunities to Hill residents to use MCFSC services, including property tree thinning and abatement, and grant-funded replacement of shake roofs. “I feel very good about what I’ve done and what our agency has been able to accomplish,” said Boss.

Coy, who has lived in Idyllwild for 36 years, said he already is involved in getting up to speed with MCFSC projects and plans. “I enjoy the field position,” said Coy, “walking residents’ properties, educating them on hazard abatement and how fire affects an environment.” He noted the importance of abating grasses, removing lower tree limbs to prevent ground fire from getting into tree canopies, removing stacked firewood from being too close to a home and tarping it, and encasing eaves so embers cannot get under them and cause fire to spread.

“When fire threatens, your house has to protect itself,” he reminded readers. “You can’t count on having a fire truck being parked in your driveway when there is a fire. And fire season is year-round. Abate your property before June 1 each year and then keep grass cleared as the summer progresses. Abatement is ongoing.”