In response to the Michael Frietas letter in the Aug. 10 TC: First of all, any educated environmentalist knows there are many negative environmental costs associated with the digital age (increased electricity production, manufacturing processes of computer hardware and software, precious metal and mineral extraction, out-dated equipment waste and so much more); that paper production includes the efficient use of recycled wood and paper, and actually planting and growing forests specifically for paper production is good for our environment; and that the majority of our community either recycles the TC or uses it to start our winter fires in our fireplaces and stoves (we have so much more dead wood to use now that the digital age has affected climate change).

Next, you don’t have to go digital to have a successful business. In fact, the digital business climate has destroyed many brick-and-mortar businesses we rely on for customer service, such as repairs. Case in point: Order a bicycle online then try to assemble and adjust it correctly yourself, or, worse yet, remove and replace a component that breaks. Also, the TC provides for many aspects of our thriving tourist industry that is much more effective through tactile, visual and face-to-face contact than digital formats.

Finally, I enjoy reading the paper on my deck with my coffee while experiencing another beautiful day in paradise. I enjoy completing a sudoku and crossword puzzle the old-fashioned way. I enjoy carrying the paper around with me while trying to find Jack’s mystery photo of the week and exploring our wonderful village at the same time.

In closing, I appreciate the Town Crier. I appreciate your capable and caring staff and keep up the good work that you do for our community. Mr. Frietas, if you’re reading this, I appreciate you listening. You can resume your online NYT now.

Dave Hunt, Hillbilly