Mark Dean of Pine Cove caught a perfect solar eclipse moment Monday morning at Harmony Monument on Village Center Drive with his AstroCamp solar glasses. Photo courtesy Mark Dean

Idyllwild Librarian Shannon Ng handed out solar eclipse viewing glasses at the library Monday morning for locals to come enjoy watching the eclipse safely. People were thrilled, some seeing a solar eclipse for the first, and maybe last, time in their lives. Photo by Halie Wilson

The photographer used special equipment on his camera to take this photo of the solar eclipse from Inspiration Point. The Earth’s moon passed between the sun and Earth Monday morning. The last total eclipse over the continental United States was 1979 and the next total eclipse will be 2024.
Photo by Tom Kluzak

Below right: On Saturday, Aug. 19, John Garrett, a member of the Temecula Valley Astronomers, spoke about the upcoming Monday solar eclipse. He then set up a few viewing aids in the parking lot of the Idyllwild Library. The conference room was overflowing for his presentation, which emphasized how to safely view the eclipse with or without a telescope or other viewer. Photo by Tom Kluzak