Just received the July 27 issue that includes your column “Out Loud.” I am a voracious reader of print media, including the peerless Town Crier.

There are no equals that I’ve seen in my travels or libraries.

While financial difficulties for the printed media are well known, it is shocking when it comes close to “home” in Idyllwild.

We all should recognize how important the Town Crier is to our communities and support it, with advertising — not just empty talk.

I just observed in March/April how advertising dropped in a dramatic way. We needed to have some repairs done to our local cabin. We found three licensed contractors advertising in the TC and we contacted all three (only) and have had one selected in April and all work done shortly. The point is now, in July, only one general contractor advertises — a two-third drop. Why?

Realtors, why don’t they all advertise in the TC? It would be in their interest to have the paper remain available on the Hill and off the Hill. Real shortsighted, penny-pinching operates here. They would be “hurt” greatly without the TC.

As far as comments/suggestions, I offer the following:

1. The paper should have a physical presence. Online only availability will not work. I’ve seen magazines try but they ere gone in no time, for good. Regulars want paper copy.

2. If going to free distribution does not work, stop it immediately; it is not going to change.

3. The Community Calendar section is very helpful to the organizations and the readers. Ask for voluntary contributions from those listed.

4. Investigate the possibility of having individuals or organizations provide free, unpaid delivery service to distribution points. As I see, this might not have any obligations on the newspaper’s part.

5. “ … the paper is critical to our community.” We must save it.

I appreciate you purchasing and “saving” the TC in 2013; please don’t give up.

Emil L. Bereczky

Pine Cove/Placentia