Several customers of the Idyllwild Water District have reported deceiving telephone calls allegedly originating from the IWD office.

The caller ID is displayed at the IWD office number. When answered, the caller claims that they are with the Water District.

The caller then instructs or asks the listener to use the their phone’s key pad to to answer various questions.

The Idyllwild Water District is alerting and warning customers and residents that this phone call is apparently a “Phishing Scam.” The IWD staff does not make calls requesting non-verbal responses.

The IWD staff will call a customer for several reasons such as:
To advise that our data indicate they may have a leak; or
To notify the customer that a water bill payment has not been received, which puts their service is in jeopardy of being discontinued.

If you receive a call purportedly from IWD and you feel the least bit uncomfortable, the District advises you to hang up and call our office immediately.

The IWD office number is 951-659-2143. The acting General Manager is Jack Hoagland, whose email address is [email protected].