Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” Little Girl shared all kinds of great adoption news.

Little Girl

Bodie: Well, I’m still here.  Did anyone else get adopted?

Little Girl: Roadie left for his new home in Washington. His forever dad is great.


George: Lucky pup! Anyone else get adopted?

Little Girl: No, but the ARF humans have decided that the two remaining kittens, Trenton and Augusta, need to be adopted together. They also said they will give a discount on adoption fees for these two!

Bodie: Little Girl, have you forgotten something?


Little Girl: Oh yeah! We have a new canine family member! Goldie was found on Hwy. 243, north of Pine Cove.  She is a Chi/Corgi-mix, and all the humans are crazy about her.

Bodie: I caught a glimpse of her.  She’s pretty darned cute!

Little Girl: Oh, here she is!

Goldie: Hello everyone! So happy to meet you. I’m really glad I’m with ARF until my forever family adopts me. I know you’re going to ask, so here it is: I am young, great with other dogs and well. As for you felines, I think you’re OK.

Pepper: Welcome, Goldie!

Bodie: Hey Goldie, want to go for a walk with me?

Goldie: On leash, of course!

Bodie: Of course! When the weather is cool, a very nice volunteer will take us for a stroll through town.

Mr. Gray: You guys go for a walk and we cats will hang out in ARF’s catio.  It’s so lovely out there!

Pepper: It really is. I hope some humans come by this weekend to see just how great it is here at ARF, but then we will let them know it would be even better for us in a forever home!

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