Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats learned of two new cats and one new dog.

Little Girl: Holy catnip! We are so busy!

Trenton: What’s going on?

Little Girl

Little Girl: Just within the last week, we got a mama cat, a tortoiseshell and her three kittens, but the three kittens have already found forever home. So mama cat, named Cheerio, needs our support. She’s a bit sad.

Anabel: And who is the big black cat? He’s new.

Little Girl: That is Indigo, who goes by Indie. He was found wandering in ARF’s yard. No one claimed him, so he’s now with us. He is just as friendly, good looking and sweet as Cheerio.


Augusta: I heard we also got some dogs.

George: You’re right, Augusta. We got three adorable puppies named Just Jack, Grace and Anastasia Beaverhausen. They are Chihuahua-mixes and only 10 weeks old.

Zorro: Do we get to meet them?

George: You’ll be able to meet Anastasia, but Grace and Just Jack have already been adopted.


Little Girl: Those kittens and puppies have set an all-time record for fastest adoptions.

Zorro: And the last bit of adoption news is about my brother, Batman. He also found his forever family.

Frisbee: I’d like to say that Anastasia Beaverhausen is so adorable. She and I played and played together on Sunday. I love playing with other dogs.


Trenton: Maybe all of these adoptions are signaling a trend, and we will all soon find our forever families, yes?


Little Girl:  Hopefully! Trenton, you and Augusta are such cute little kittens. I can’t believe you’re still here.

Augusta:  Neither can we.

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