Dave Butterfield, new owner of the Jo'An's Restaurant property in the center of Idyllwild, confirmed tonight that the building will be razed by the end of the year.

He said the property will be returned to a park, as it was when it was dedicated to Eleanor Johnson as Eleanor Park in the 1960s.


    • Perhaps there could be some there in pots or a small bed if the Garden Club committed to caring for them. I am sure that the good folks who are growing them at the Nature Center would be more than willing to donate a few.

  1. Most grateful that the new owners are willing to give to the betterment of this community & provide a place for mindfulness and reflection on our mountains. Praying that our visitors will also use the park to reflect on the beauty surrounding all that is Idyllwild.

  2. Wow! This is really amazing. What a generous gift, Mr. Butterfield. I was in town two weeks ago and I thought how calm and beautiful the space was becoming. This news has really touched me and I can only express profound gratitude for such a selflessly kind act. Heartfelt thanks and so much appreciation, I send to you.