At 2:35 on Friday, Dec. 1, three pedestrians, two adults and a minor, were struck in the crosswalk in front of Idyllwild School. Two were on foot and one was on a bicycle.

The California Highway Patrol verified the time but had no other information. Idyllwild Fire Department responded and transported one of the injured pedestrians to an off-Hill medical facility, according to IFPD Chief Patrick Reitz.

Idyllwild School Principal Matt Kraemer, confirmed that Idyllwild School employee Misty Hitchcock had been struck. He was on his way to the Desert Regional Hospital in Palm Springs to check on her condition. Kraemer verified that the injury was to one of Hitchcock’s feet, a possible fracture, and that her foot was black and blue as a result of the impact with the car.

“Her bicycle was damaged,” said Kraemer who carried it up to the school.

Kraemer also said the driver was from Norco and that his wife was in the car with him. Chief Reitz said it appeared that the driver was concentrating on something farther down the road and did not see the pedestrians in the crosswalk.

Brandi Shaw was also in the crosswalk, with her four year old son, and was struck. She said the car appeared to be moving slowly, and that she saw what was coming. She said she threw her son out of the way of the impact. “I ended up on the hood,” said Shaw, who said she was in pain but that it was not major.

At this point the CHP does not have a full report or press release.

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  1. In complete shock at the false information published here, has dropped. Really, just wow, where did these words even come from?
    I have lost complete respect for the one who interviewed me personally and the one in charge of this publication.
    I request for future reference in any incident that the words placed in front of others be an honest and factual report.
    Other than that let’s gather and repair Misty’s bike while we all recover. Surely some gentleman can fill that position.