Dear Santa,

I have been as good as a two-year-old can be. For Christmas I would like chicken nuggets.


Jameson Jones

(age 2)

Dear Santa,

I’ve been extra good at school. I would like an Ariel Princess Pad for Christmas and a pink sparkly sweater. I love you, Santa.


Emily Jones

Artwork by Emily Jones

(age 4)

Dear Santa,

How are you? I’m good. How is Mrs. Claus, the reindeer elves, and Rudolph? I hope you have a safe trip to our house! I want a Super Wubble Bubble Ball please! Thank you for brining me presents all these years Santa!

Love, Kaelynn

Dear Santa,

How are you, Mrs. Claus, the elfs, and reindeer doing. I’m fine. There will be cookies, chocolate milk, and carrots for the reindeer. I want a bean bag chair, with arm rests and a back on it. I hope you have a safe trip. Thank you for being so kind to all of us children.

Love, Lyliann Kai Johnston

Dear Santa,

I would like a giant jungle with lots of animals, a Lego Star Wars Movie and a Thomas and Friends set (according to my brother).

PS: I have been a good girl. I also like pumpkin pie.

Thank you!

Kamila Wilson, 1

Dear Santa,

Yes, I have been a good boy. For Christmas I would like 2 jars of bugs and a Mr. Freeze Lego Batman Ice Attack set and a giant egg with

Drawing by Kaelynn Johnston


Thank you,

Finley Wilson, 4


Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

We hope you are having fun at the North Pole. We have been good all year at Lil Critters Preschool. This is what we want for Christmas. Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!

Joseph (3 years) - I want a rocket fishing rod, a cool magnifying glass like teacher Kathy’s, a robot, a race trailer with Octimus Prime.

Olivia (2 years) - A piggy, a cow, a crown, a chick. I like farm animals. I like pink sheeps and pink piggies.

Owen (3 years) - I want three dino’s and a remote control spider the elves make.

Gavin (3 years) - A Who’s truck. It has a crane. A toy blower, and that’s all the presents I want.

Victoria (4 years) - I want a Hatchimal that you rub the heart that it gets pink, and you open it and a little Hatchimal is inside. Every commercial I want it. I want the Dora Kitchen. I want a Baby Alive. My Baby Alive was old.

Beau (5 years) - I want two remote control card because all my other ones are broken. I want a coloring book and a coloring set, and I also want a new costume, and that’s it.

Drawing by Lyliann Kai Johnston

Eden (4 years) - I want a pink mirror that you hang on the wall, a trick or treating basket, a mountain bike that goes up the hill. I want a kitchen with a roof, I just have a plain kitchen with no roof. I want a choo-choo train with a track. I don’t have my own Easter basket.

Kylan (4 years) - I think I’d like a Halloween toy you play with that has sharp claws and a mask. Wolverine. Then I would like a toy wolf that’s hard plastic, and I would like a plastic alligator, a plastic Frankenstein. I think I would like a pirate ship with pirate penguins. Then, I think I would like a Hulk toy because Zeek my dog ate one we had. I think I would like a motorcycle toy, a train, a Ironman guy. I have a big Ironman, but I would like to play with a little one like a Hulk figure, and that’s it!

Jasper (2 years) - A hammer, a saw, tools.

Oliver (2 years) - Presents. A choo-choo train, hammer.

Jordan (1 year) - (Per her big sister, Eden) I think she wants a baby doll that has a bell inside of it that rings.

Danielle (5 years) - I think my Elsa doll is not singing “Let It Go,” so I want a new one. I want Elena sword and Elena castle.

Emily (4 years) - I want a Ariel Princess pad to color on, and there’s all different clothes from that drawer. That’s all I want, but I want presents for the whole family, but I’m part of the family. They have to say what they want.

Juniper (5 years) - A talking Moana doll. Santa can make a hear of Te Fiti for me. What I’m really interested about is Mommy said she could give me one of her American Girl dolls.

Kiera (1 year) - Toys

Aiden (1 year) - Toys

Thank you! Love, Lil Critters Preschoolers