Skips court hearing

Alexander Michael Macias, 27, of Idyllwild, was arrested on suspicion of trying to impersonate and unlawfully obtain personal identifying information of Darryl Siegel. With this information, apparently Macias planned to obtain credit, goods or services in Siegel’s name. He also was charged with burglary.

The effort was made at the US Bank in Hemet.

He was arrested and an incustody arraignment was held Dec. 6 where he pleaded not guilty. At that session, a felony settlement conference was scheduled for Dec. 15. Bail was set at $10,000 and Macias was returned to the custody of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Macias did not appear at the Dec. 15 settlement conference. He had been released on Dec. 12 pursuant to the state’s incarceration agreement with the federal government and he did not appear in court.

A warrant was issued and bail raised to $25,000.