Leading Hollywood set designer and longtime IA Board of Governors trustee

Idyllwild Arts Academy continues its Spotlight on Leadership series from January through May 2018. The series is designed to bridge the gap between town and gown, providing opportunities for townsfolk to learn about the academy’s administration, teachers and longtime supporters.

Featured next, at 10 a.m. Monday, Jan. 8, is Bruce Ryan, one of Hollywood’s most prolific and honored set designers. Very few people in Hollywood have 12 pages of credits on IMDB, a signature site of Hollywood accomplishments. Ryan does. His credits are numerous and span many disciplines from television specials, award shows, sitcoms and permanent set installations, such as mega churches and theaters.

Ryan is an ISOMATA alumnus, former Summer Program instructor, longtime member of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation’s Board of Governors, and one of the original proponents and developers of IAA Film Departments programs and production facilities. He is happily married to wife Lauren Tripp and the proud parent of two IAA grads, Quincy and Peter.

He is, despite his many accomplishments, a self-effacing and approachable man with a keen sense of humor. He also is an engaging conversationalist and an ardent supporter of the academy.

Ryan’s production credits include award shows (the Emmys and MTV Awards,) sitcoms (“It’s Gary Shandling” and “Will & Grace”), music specials for Cher, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, entertainment series (“American Bandstand” and “Soul Train”) and standup comedy specials for George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart and Robin Williams. He is a four-time Emmy nominee and three-time Art Directors Guild nominee.

Ryan is uniquely qualified to talk about the Idyllwild Arts Foundation and its growth from summer program to preeminent arts boarding school, having experienced it at many different points in its and his development — as a student, instructor, parent of IAA students, longtime academy supporter and member of the IAF Board of Governors.

His free talk is in the Fireside Room of Nelson Dining Hall on the IAA campus. It is sponsored by the Associates of IAF and community members are encouraged to attend to learn about the academy and its work.

Bruce Ryan, noted Hollywood set designer and longtime supporter of Idyllwild Arts, is the next speaker at the academy’s Spotlight on Leadership series. Seen here is one of Ryan’s sets, for the NAACP Image Awards on television. Ryan’s talk is at 10 a.m. Monday, Jan. 8, at the Nelson Dining Hall on campus. Ryan is uniquely qualified to talk about the evolution of the academy, having been an ISOMATA student, later an instructor, the parent of two IAA grads and on the IAF Board of Governors. The talk is open to all. Photo courtesy Bruce Ryan Production Design