I knew that Jo’An’s restaurant would be replaced by a park, but did not realize until reading in the Town Crier that the land was purchased for the benefit of Idyllwild by Dave and Loie Butterfield. I have no idea who those people are, but have to say I am feeling super blessed by this generous action.

A central town park is exactly what Idyllwild needs, and I hope it is named Butterfield Park, so that these two donors will be remembered always via this generous legacy.

Hopefully, official crosswalks will be added to all the intersections surrounding the park to make it safer for pedestrians also.

I also appreciate Shane Stewart for his generous assistance in creating the park, including waving his commission fees. Do you readers realize how lucky you are to have these philanthropic community members?  Wow, Idyllwild will be even better in 2018.

Aletha Stuart

Mountain Center