Assemblyman Randy Voepel (District 71) submitted a package of legislation last week for the benefit of working Californians and their families, children and students. He called it his “cradle to career” legislative package.

The individual bills cover a gamut of issues. Voepel argues that the adoption of each will remove government barriers to starting careers, paying student debt and easing the journey between work and parenthood.

“This collection of bills … are aimed at improving the lives of Californians throughout all stages of their lives,” Voepel said in the release announcing the legislative package, which he said has bi-partisan support.

For example, Assembly Bill 2481, “Infant at Work Program,” would establish a pilot program allowing parents of infants to accommodate them in the workplace.

Voepel’s description says, it “would permit a state agency to allow parents of infants (between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 months old) to bring the infant into the workplace. This bill would reduce potential costs of child care, strengthen the parent-child bond, and improve employee morale.”

Another bill would create greater flexibility for the 40-hour workweek. AB 2482, “Flexible Workweek,” authorizes the private sector to permit 10-hour workdays within a 40-hour workweek, without triggering overtime pay. This arrangement would have to be approved by the employer.

“This voluntary arrangement between employers and employees would establish a mutually beneficial environment for working families, students, caregivers, and anyone else who would benefit from such workplace flexibility,” Voepel said in his press release.
Besides these two bills, the package includes bills addressing licenses for state-regulated occupations (AB 2483), compensatory time off (AB 2484), repayment of student loans (AB 2478), the sharing of future income in return for student loan assistance (AB 2479), and scholarship tax credit (AB 2480).

Voepel represents Idyllwild in the state Assembly.