Before the meeting of the Local Review Board of Idyllwild Historic Preservation District was held on Thursday, Feb 22, Barbara Jones shared that “the primary reason for the local review board is to listen to the public about outside home or business modification.” If the Local Review Board approves modification plans those plans can be sent to the Riverside County Planning Department.

The LRB received from the county a Historic District Alterations Permit Flowchart. According to the flowchart, the initial question to be answered is: “Does the proposed project involve more than routine maintenance in a designated County Historic.” If the project is routine, then no alteration permit is necessary and the project can proceed.

If, however, the answer to the question is yes, then the flow chart describes the process necessary for projects that need more than routine maintenance.

The LRB meets quarterly and currently has no projects to review.

From left to right, Barbara Jones, President Warren Monroe, and Ron Kammeyer of the Local Review Board of the Idyllwild Historic Preservation District. Photo by susan monroe