Julia Romero was only 17 when on March 31, 2017, she was involved in a head-on, two-car crash on Highway 243. As a result of that crash, Julia suffered two broken ribs, a punctured lung, her left foot broken in several places, her left knee punctured requiring sutures, and her right leg so severely broken that it required extensive surgery, for which she is still receiving physical therapy.

Prior to the crash, Julia was an honor-roll student and track star at Hemet High School, and had been getting ready to take her AP tests. Her dream had been to get a track scholarship for higher education.

Town Crier spoke with Elizabeth Romero, mother of Julia, on Friday March 2, to find out how Julia is doing. Elizabeth said, “She is healing, she is walking, but she still goes to physical therapy. She still doesn’t have full range-of-motion in her right leg. She still can’t run.”

Julia did take her AP tests but “in a wheelchair,” said Elizabeth, “and she is filling out applications for higher education,” but a track scholarship is no longer an option.

“Julia’s senior prom is coming up in April, but she doesn’t feel comfortable going because she is embarrassed by her physical limitations,” said Elizabeth. Julia is set to graduate from high school in May.