June public hearing scheduled

Another public hearing concerning increasing fees for Hill residents has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 19.

The Riverside County Department of Environmental Health plans to increase the trash-service fees for Idyllwild, Anza and Pinyon. The last trash-service increase was July 2010, according to the county.

The current annual fee of $116.88 would be increased $19.80 annually through July 1, 2021, and then a fifth increase of $19.92 on July 1, 2022.

This July, the trash service would increase to $136.68 until July 1, 2019. By July 2022, the trash service fee would be $216.00 annually.

As part of the increasing trash service fee, CR&R, which has a contract with Riverside County to collect the trash in Franchise Area 8 (the unincorporated area from Poppet Flats to Pinyon and Anza) and service the local transfer station, will provide more services.

These new services include an Annual Clean-up Week, an antifreeze, batteries, oil and paint center in Idyllwild, as well as two free tire-disposal days and a trash-collection service in selected “Snow Play Areas.”

The antifreeze, batteries, oil and paint center, which will be once a month, and the tire-disposal events will be in Idyllwild for Idyllwild residents. The Annual Clean-up Week events will occur at both the Anza and Idyllwild transfer stations.

Besides offering new services, CR&R and the county argued in the Proposition 218 notice, that, “The annual rate of $116.88 … is significantly lower than the rates in surrounding areas and not currently sufficient to cover the costs of operating the three transfer stations in your area.”

The existing services CR&R currently provides include accepting, sorting, processing and disposing of solid waste, recyclables and greenwaste, and compliance with federal and state regulations governing solid waste disposal.

The June 19 public hearing will be in the Riverside County Board of Supervisors Conference Room in the County Building at 4080 Lemon Street in Riverside.


  1. Maybe someone ought to figure a way to keep the off hill residents from bringing up their trash and dumping it for free instead of paying at the Lamb Canyon land fill. I have seen multiple pickups dragging trailers coming out of Hemet loaded with trash so they don’t have to pay. I also have gone to the trash collection area and been charged for construction debris when all I had was old book shelves. We on the hill pay for this site and it ought to be for hill people and why do have to pay again to dump “construction debris” that is obviously not?