The Idyllwild Middle School Mountain Bike Team practices on the local trails. While taking a rest, Coach Josh White took this photograph of (from left) Coach Tanya Wampler, Seth White, Mei Li Stroud, Jake Fey, Colby Sonnier, Coach Tom Dillon and trail dog Buddy. Photo by Josh White


Mike Holato of Town Hall gave this report on Youth Baseball:

The schedule for Opening Day Saturday, May 5, is:

9 a.m.     T Ball      Dodgers  vs. Giants

10:30 a.m.   Minors    As vs. Blue Jays

noon   Minors   Braves vs. Red Sox

1:30 p.m.     Majors   Blue Jays vs. Dodgers

3 p.m.     Majors   Giants vs. Red Sox


Mike Holato of Town Hall gave this report on Adult Basketball:

Yellow defeated Green 21-5,19-23, 23-2.

Red defeated Blue 21-19, 21-16, 13-21.

Black defeated White 22-3,15-21, 21-11.

Blue defeated Black 21-24, 21-16, 22-10.

White defeated Green 21-17, 19-23, 21-9.

Red defeated Yellow 22-18, 22-19, 9-21.

Green defeated Red forfeit, 21-11, 21-18.

Yellow defeated Black 21-11, 21-0, forfeit.

Blue defeated White 21-10, 22-19, 21-15.

Standings Wins Losses

Brian’s Yellow 11 3

Buddy’s Black 8 6

Derrick’s Blue 8 6

Noah’s Red 8 6

Matt’s Green 4 10

Colin’s White 3 11

Playoffs started Tuesday, May 1, and end Tuesday, May 8.

Mountain Biking

Idyllwild School Mountain Bike Coach Josh White gave this report:

On April 14, the Idyllwild Middle School Mountain Bike Team competed with the Hemet High School Mountain Bike Team in the Victory at Vail Race at Vail Lake.

All six middle-school racers were able to race and had a really successful weekend. Mei Li Stroud turned in her best performance this season finishing sixth in a field of 36. Jakob Parsons turned in another solid performance finishing 15th in a field of 36 Level-2 boys.

Out of a field of 68 Level-1 seventh-grade boys, Michael Stroud overcame a fairly significant crash (free of injury) to finish 36th on the day.

The Level-1 sixth-grade boys finished 32nd (Seth White), 36th (Colby Sonnier), and 39th (Jake Fey) in a field of 57.

The team is practicing hard for their final race of the season, which is May 5 in Tehachapi.


Mike Holato of Town Hall gave this report on recent Youth Volleyball games.

Tidal Waves defeated Net Ninjas 23-25, 25-17, 25-20.

Standings Wins Losses

Village Market Net Ninjas 3 3

Suburban Propane Tidal Waves 3 3

The championship game is at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 3.