Our granddaughter Kalena Perry is 10. I wanted to share this with our readers on the Hill. I think it sums up how we all feel about our mountain. Here is her homework:

“The place I like to go to on vacation is a small town called Idyllwild. This place is located up in the San Jacinto mountains, a quiet and beautiful place to hike and relax. You can find plenty of boulders and rocks of all shapes and sizes in this area. In my opinion, these rocks are very fun to climb and investigate. Sometimes you can find little critters hiding in cracks and crevices all around you. The air up there is fresh and kind of sweet. Tall trees and gorgeous views make this place even more special. Be sure to come here if you want a little bit of everything in a mountain town.

“You can head to town and get a bite to eat, look at art, paint pottery, or go shopping. The shops and restaurants are sort of rustic and comfortable, while still feeling at one with nature. If you want to watch a movie, make sure the one you want to see is available, because they only screen one movie at a time.

Like I said before, you can take a hike up the mountains and look at the view. There’s also an awesome park in town, and a hard-to-reach exercise area and river below it. You can get here by walking down the driveway by the general store, and take my word for it, it is worth the steepness of the hill. There is plenty do do in Idyllwild and tons to explore. Check it out!

This place is particularly special to me because one of my grandmas lives up there. We visit her large mountain house and hang out, play games like hide-and-seek, spicy farkle and more. This spot is awesome in so many ways, from hanging out at home, to exploring the nearby forests.

One time, me, my grandma and my dad went exploring the river and found a mini-beach that we hung out in for a while. Another time, me and my mom went exploring the forests and found a beautiful view (and some steep climbs!).

Overall, this trip is definitely one to remember. It’ll be a great time for you and your family.

Kim Murray