Corporations, unions and PACs all contribute to their campaigns

While Joy Silver (D) of Palm Springs, who is challenging incumbent state Sen. Jeff Stone (R) of Temecula, has raised more money from January through April, he has spent more on the election campaign.

Nearly 80 percent of his expenses were paid from the balance of his 2014 campaign account. This includes payments of about $42,000 for campaign literature and mailings, and $12,000 to a campaign consultant. Most of these costs were in the summer and fall of 2017, and totaled $160,400, according to his financial reports to the Secretary of State’s Office.

With only a few weeks until the June 5 primary, Silver has raised more than $103,000 in 2018, along with her $156,000 in 2017. As a result, she has more than $106,000 in cash for the remainder of the campaign compared to Stone’s $39,000.

However, he is optimistic he will be able to raise the financing needed to win the election, even if it goes on to the November general election.

Through April 21, Stone had 10 contributions greater than $3,000, of which one was from an individual. Another 25 contributions were greater than $2,000.

Silver had far more contributors and only 20 contributions greater than $2,000. Labor unions and desert residents were the majority of these donors. However, the largest donor was Silver, who loaned her campaign $50,000.

Six of Silver’s contributors were from Idyllwild, giving from $100 to $625.

Silver has been the beneficiary of substantial out-of-state contributions. Contributors are from Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Washington and Alaska.

Since April 21 and through May 20, Stone has received another $23,000 in contributions. All were from corporations or Political Action Committees, such as the California Highway Patrolmen.

Silver has garnered $11,200 in the same period and more than half has come from labor unions or their PACS, such as the Iron Workers Political Action League.

Anna Nevenic, a Democrat, filed to run in January, but has no financial reports with the Secretary of State yet. She was state senate candidate in 2010 and 2014.