Membership renewals approaching

By Jack Clark

Co-publisher and General Counsel

Yes, the Town Crier is for sale. But, no, we’re not in a hurry.

We are committed to finding the right publishers who will continue a real newspaper for our Hill — a paper that will carry on as a community watchdog publishing the bad with the good. A newspaper that warns of danger, advises of opportunity, challenges authority, praises accomplishment, investigates irregularity, marvels at art, exposes abuse, celebrates life and publishes its readers’ letters. If a publication doesn’t do all those things, it’s not a newspaper.

Most importantly, the Town Crier must continue as a watchdog that will monitor and report on the doings of the nine public boards we have up here on the Hill.

We know it won’t be easy to find such a publisher or publishers, but we’re not planning to go anywhere until we find the right person or people to carry on.

Only nine more weeks until the one-year anniversary of our Town Crier Membership Model. That’s when the moment of truth will begin, i.e., when it’s time to begin renewing the earliest Memberships. If the Town Crier is to be ongoing, the Membership model has to be ongoing, too. When prospective new publishers see that the Membership model continues to work into a second year, they will be much more comfortable with acquiring our community’s newspaper and keeping it serving our Hill — including our part-time residents and our readers who just plain love visiting our community.

So please plan on renewing your Membership when it comes up.

And also please plan to attend our weekly news meetings, open to the public, Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. at the Town Crier office. That’s when we decide on news stories for the upcoming week.

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