The Consolidation “Sub-Committee” of the Idyllwild Water District has scheduled its first meeting for 6 p.m., Monday, July 16. The meeting will be in the District’s boardroom.

The only item on the agenda is a discussion “regarding approaches to consolidation, merger and cooperation among the three public water districts…” These are Idyllwild, Fern Valley and Pine Cove water districts.

IWD established the committee at its last meeting. The Board took this action in response to customers’ reaction to its recent rate increase. Many argued that savings, for all three districts, would lower rates and possibly might have avoided the need to raise them this year.

Members of the committee are Directors Peter Szabadi, who is chair of the committee, and Les Gin and a memnber of the public, Sue Nash, an attorney.


  1. Trihalomethane, uranium, and excessive chlorination, among other nasty contaminants, along with miles of crappy pipe, substandard hydrants, ancient outdated sewer plant, poor employee retention, and many wasted dollars on failed boondoggle projects, not to mention cash hoarding and hemorrhaging at the same time (that’s a new one), ouch IWD. I guess your new un-elected self appointed board member with so called “financing expertise” has his work cut out for him. He looks more like a guy that likes being one of the pretty people. If your solution during drought is to use wells heavily laden with contaminants resulting in carcinogens in the water supply instead of repairing your other wells, then who’s the stupid one here, the district or its customers for allowing you to do it?

    Pine Cove on the other hand has developed an aggressive and independent long term revenue stream not related to water production which over the decades has financed major capital improvements enhancing water quality, production, storage, fire protection, and watershed stabilization.

    Stick it IWD. Your attempt to gobble up Pine Cove Customers to finance a new sewer plant and take our carefully developed water sources and revenue stream is poorly hatched and dead on arrival. IWD board members resign now; save yourselves the headaches and community condemnation as plagued by your predecessors! The wrath of Pine Cove customers approaches.

  2. My reccommendation to pcwd and fvwd boards, no cooperation on any project with iwd until the current iwd board and manager quit or are removed from office.

    There’s nothing to be gained here except to be consumed by a water pig called iwd and a few of their clients interests.

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