Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats learned about the new dog Violet.

Heavenly Whiskers

Panther: If you’ll gather around, I’ll give you the latest news.

Heavenly Whiskers: Happily. We are so glad to get back to a normal routine after that scary fire! Our brief evacuation set my nerves on end.

Panther: I know, but our ARF angels had to make certain we’d be safe.

Pepper: So we learned about Violet. What about Tex?


Freda: I’ll tell! Tex is a young Lab/pit-mix and her foster told me although she is not a good fit for homes with small animals, including small dogs. She seems to be fine with larger dogs. She is fairly well house-trained and loves chew toys and stuffed animals. She is great with kids.  Tex loves attention. Anytime someone is petting her, she is a happy dog.

Sadie: She sounds like a great family member.

Freda:  I heard we have two new adult cats.


Panther:  We do! There is Zeus, a big, pure white boy who is very friendly and loving. We also have Bear, another big boy, but he is nearly all black.  He, too, is friendly and loves humans.

Freda: So to wrap it up, ARF has three dogs, Violet, Tex and me, and there are two new cats, Zeus and Bear. I think people need to visit and meet all of us newbies and the ARF veterans.

Mr. Gray: I agree, Freda. And people who wonder what we and other four-leggeds are really thinking, they need to meet animal communicator Frances Greenspan on Aug. 25.

Pepper: Uh, oh! Humans will know what we are really thinking?

Mr. Gray: Well, maybe not us specifically, but they can learn more about their own four-leggeds!

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